Chavit Singson Introduces His Newest Partner in ‘Kris TV’

Governor Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson, 71, introduced the last woman in his life, in Kris Aquino’s morning show, Kris TV.’

Josephine Pintor, 27 was introduced in the episode that aired on Tuesday.

Singson, who also showed his house at Corinthian Gardens in Quezon City, introduced Pintor to host Kris Aquino.

Pintor, who’s half-American, half-Filipino, met Singson when she’s only 14. She has been the governor’s partner for 13 years.

Pintor says that Singson is very fair to all of them and took care of her son.

Although he’s a very busy person, he finds a way to have time to be with his family.

Meanwhile, Singson reveals that Pintor also takes care of his five children from his previous relationship.