Dolphy Teaches Alma Moreno How To Be Pragmatic About Fame

Alma Moreno says Dolphy taught her a lot of things, during the years they were together.

One of the things Dolphy taught her, was how to be pragmatic about fame.

Moreno was enjoying a red-hot showbiz career at that time. She was juggling numerous films, TV shows and her very own show, ‘Loveli-Ness.’

Moreno recalled how Dolphy would always remind her to remain humble despite her success.

They first met in 1981 and they were paired in the film ‘Titser’s Pet.’

Dolphy never thought that his friendship with Moreno would blossom into a full-blown romance and the union lasted for eight years.

Moreno’s apparently all-too gregarious nature caused much of their disagreements. Dolphy did not like Moreno’s lifestyles.

Meanwhile, Moreno paid respects to the King of Comedy at the Heritage Park on Friday.