Camille Prats Devotes Time to Her Son Than Entertains Romance

Camille Prats insists that Sam Milby is just a friend.

Prats claims she is not yet ready for love amid rumors linking her to Milby and says she would rather devote time to her son than entertain romance.

Prats and Mily created a bit of a buzz recently, when they were sighted having dinner in a posh restaurant, at The Fort recently.

She did not deny the date but she insisted that it was just a friendly get-together. It was his birthday treat to Prats.

She is close to Milby because the actor is the gym buddy of her brother, John Prats and they are also like the best of friends.

Prats is not yet ready to date, though it has been a year since her husband succumbed to cancer.

But she is not closing her doors on love.