Jake Cuenca Has No Qualms About His Kissing Scene With Baron Geisler

Jake Cuenca revealed that he could not say no to the film, ‘Lihis’ with writer Ricky Lee and director Joel Lamangan.

In ‘Lihis,’ Jake has embraced another portrayal of a gay man, in this indie film opposite Baron Geisler.

He has no qualms about shooting his first kissing scene with Geisler, because he maintains that he is very comfortable with his sexuality.

He said he knows where he stands in life and to do scenes like that, will not bother him. He is an actor and he’s willing to portray any role.

Although he acknowledged that it would feel awkward filming intimate scenes with Baron, Jake said that Baron is his friend and both were part of the drama series, ‘Tayong Dalawa.’

Last year, Cuenca first took on a gay character in an episode of ‘Maalala Mo Kaya.’

Meanwhile, Jake is reunited onscreen with Lovi Poe in ‘Lihis.’

The actor begs off to say his special intentions for the sexy actress.

He also assured that his evasiveness about the matter, has nothing to do with the rumor that he receives death threats.