Andi Eigenman Says She is Happy Again

Andi Eigenman says she is happy again.

Some months after she shocked the entertainment industry by telling them that her former boyfriend used to beat her up, Eigenmann now, is moving on from her dark past.

The actress says her daughter brings joy to her life and attributed her more optimistic outlook to her.

Her life now has a direction and everything that she does now with her life, it’s all to connected and/or about Ellie.

She has gone through quite a lot but this time, she is handling every single thing she goes through her life with optimism.

Eigenmann has no reason to look back at her dark past because what’s more important is she has decided to pick herself up again.

She draws her strength from the people around her.

Meanwhile, if there is someone there and she will fall in love with, she will go for it, Andi said.

And just like any other girl, she also dreams of walking down the aisle someday.