Ruffa Gutierrez is Shocked by the Questions Whispered in Her Ears

Ruffa Gutierrez formally tendered her resignation from TV5’s ‘Paparazzi.’

Gutierrez felt that her dignity and integrity were violated.

She may not be faultless but she knows how to draw the line between degrading and entertaining.

She related that during her birthday celebration, there were no specific
questions, no line up of guests because as most TV shows go, surprises are done for birthday celebrations.

She really did not like the ‘Bulungan’ portion where she selected the answers from the three men which were linked to him before: Aga Muhlach, Zoren Legaspi, and Robin Padilla.

The actress was absolutely shocked at the sexual content of the question most especially since their wives are her friends.

As the segment wore on, the rest of the questions whispered in her ear got worse pertaining to male private parts and sexual behavior.

And almost all of the questions were definitely not appropriate content for airing on national television, most especially at a wholesome hour with her children, parents, family and friends and other people, who were watching.