Daniel Matsunaga Joins Edu Manzano, Joey de Leon & Arnell Ignacio In TV5’s ‘Game ‘N Go’

Daniel Matsunaga joins the group of Edu Manzano, Joey de Leon & Anell Ignacio in hosting TV5’s ‘Game ‘N Go.’

Matsunaga inks a two-year non-exclusive contract with the Kapatid network and he will now co-hosting the said Sunday show.

Daniel feels so lucky to be working with some of the best and established people in the industry like Manzano, De Leon and Ignacio.

The three hosts can guide and teach him to learn hosting, since he is new.

Daniel has undergone acting, singing, dancing and gym workouts just in case he gets an offer to do an action stuff like in the series, ‘Valiente.’

He is also having lessons in Tagalog three times a week.

Meanwhile, Daniel was the former boyfriend of Heart Evangelista.