Robin Padilla Refuses to Comment on Ruffa Gutierrez’s Resignation in ‘Paparazzi’

Robin Padilla is saddened over what transpired during a recent episode of showbiz-oriented talk show ‘Paparazzi.’ which his wife co-hosts.

Padilla also refused to comment on the controversial resignation of Ruffa Gutierrez, Robin’s former girlfriend, from the program.

He said, he is sad that his wife, TV host Mariel Rodriguez, who also co-hosts the program, had been affected by the incident.

Gutierrez’s birthday was celebrated in part by having her as an interviewee during the ‘Bulong ng Palad’ segment of ‘Paparazzi.’

The former beauty queen had been told to pick among her former boyfriends – Padilla among them — for each of her co-hosts’ question, which they whispered to Gutierrez.

One of the questions was partly heard on air ‘Who has the biggest?, in which Gutierrez expressed discomfort during the segment, asking why the questions were of such nature.

She expressed on Twitter that she felt maligned and the birthday celebration prompted her to quit from the show.