Slater Young Will Be on Crutches For Three Days

The Pinoy Big Winner Season 4, Slater Young is now much better, after minor car accident.

Young is fast recovering from a minor car accident he got into Monday morning in Cebu but he is using crutches for three days.

He was in his usual cheery mood and sending message on Twitter, saying hi to his fans. He also thanks people for all their concern and says he’s much better now.

The said accident happened when Slater was driving on his way home, he accidentally hit a dead end because the road was not that well-lit and he was he was sleepy at the time.

Slater accidentally twisted his foot, he was trying to minimize the impact of the crash.

Slater underwent an x-ray examination the same day, as related on Twitter.
His doctor advised him to use crutches, to rest and not drive for the meantime.