KC Concepcion Hopes to End Up with a Handsome Man Inside & Out

KC Concepcion revealed that she is excited to fall in love again.

There are lots of beautiful men and handsome guys around the world.

But this time, Concepcion would like to end up with a handsome man inside and out and somebody, who is hardworking and humble.

KC admitted this, in her live interview on ‘The Buzz’ aired on June 22.

She is now careful because she really wants to be sure that she will not be hurt again.

Recently, she decides to have a boyfriend, who is a non-showbiz guy.

KC also emphasized that Jules Knight, one of her persistent admirers and member of the British classic pop group Blake, is just a friend.

KC told Jules that she is really busy at work right now and a very close friendship is the best she can offer him.

She is very honest with him because he doesn’t live here, it’s always hard to have a long-distance relationship, she added.

Meanwhile, KC’s former boyfriend, Piolo Pascual was also a guest on the same ‘The Buzz’ episode last Sunday but there were no reports as to whether the two had seen each other.