Coco Martin Says His Father is Still Driving Their Jeep

Coco Martin recalls his rocky road to success.

Martin was raised in Novaliches and determined to strive hard and be successful in life.

He never imagined that acting would eventually be his ticket to help his family financially because of his ordinary looks.

While he was still building a name in the entertainment industry, he followed his grandmother’s advice to finish his studies.

Martin recalled how his grandmother also advised him not to pursue a showbiz career.

But while at school, Martin had to take on part-time jobs including acting in commercials or doing theater, until he finished college in 2002.

‘Masahista’ became Martin’s first independent film where he played the lead role and the first with director Brillante Mendoza, who later on became his mentor.

It brought him to different parts of the world because it was shown in many countries.

Eventually, Martin was offered the opportunity to become part of ‘Tayong Dalawa’ where he plays the brother of actor Gerald Anderson.

Martin draws inspiration from his own experiences in life and uses his family for his motivation.

Martin received recognition for ‘Tayong Dalawa’ and continued to invade the primetime block with ‘Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo,”Idol,’ ‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin,’ and now ‘Walang Hanggan’ and was recognized as the Aktor ng Dekada by Gawad Urian.

Martin is still the same boy who grew up in Novaliches with his grandmother, whom he considers the most important person in his life.

His father is still driving their jeep because whatever blessings he receives should not change his family’s way of life.