Dolphy Battles Lung Fever Again

Comedy king Dolphy is suffering from lung fever or pneumonia anew, his son Eric Quizon said on Friday.

Dolphy’s health improved Thursday but complications developed, affecting Dolphys’ other vital organs.

This is Dolphy’s 11th battle against pneumonia in 11 months.

Dolphy’s blood pressure has been regulated but his heart rate is still fluctuating.

Doctors are now administering antibiotics again and he is still hooked up to a respirator machine to help him breath.

Dolphy’s family is still hoping that their father can still survive with pneumonia because it is detected early when he develops fever.

Meanwhile, Dolphy remains confined at the intensive care unit of the Makati Medical Center.

Dolphy’s family members are no longer allowed to remain near him to prevent infection because his illness is susceptible to virus.