Dolphy Opens His Eyes for the First Time

Dolphy opened his eyes for the first time, since Saturday, June 16.

Eric Quizon and his siblings were seeing a glimmer of hope, after their father opened his eyes and looked around him.

A miracle happened on Thursday because his condition had improved.

They were all in tears, out of joy and they saw hope. Doctors explained that it was due to the dialysis he was currently undergoing.

Dolphy’s vital signs improved on Wednesday night till Thursday morning, which prompted the doctors to give the go signal for the dialysis to remove the excess body fluids in his kidneys.

Dolphy also had a blood transfusion because there was a hemorrhage in his body but the doctors cannot determine where it came from.

The dialysis will continue as long as Dolphy’s body can handle, Eric said.

The family believe there’s a miracle going on because of the prayers of his fans and of the people.