Angeline Quinto Swears She’s Forever Indebted to Her Foster Family

Angeline Quinto swears that she is forever remain indebted to her foster family despite her continued search for her biological mother.

Quinto promises to continue loving her adoptive parents, especially her Mama Sylvia Quinto, her father’s aunt whom she considers as her mother.

The singer has been open to the public about her identity as adopted child.

Her unwavering dream to find her real mother are among the things she emotionally talks about every interview.

Several women have already popped up, claiming to be her real mother—with Veronica Tolentino, being the latest one to do so.

Right now, Quinto is open to Tolentino’s willingness to undergo a DNA test in order to prove her declarations that she is Angeline’s possible biological mother.

Veronica claimed that, contrary to what Angeline has grown to know, she never really sold her two kids for a sum of P10,000.

Veronica suffered from a certain disease and rendered her incapable of claiming them from a certain man named ‘Jun’ to whom she entrusted them for caring in Pampanga.

Veronica did not come out to extort money from her now-popular daughter but she said that she only surfaced now to clarify certain accusations that she is negligent mother.

Angeline said she felt nervous about this last woman, claiming to be her long lost mother.

She happens to recall having met a certain ‘Jun’ when she was a little younger.

But Veronica’s version of how she lost them was quite different from the story she knew.