Andi Eigenmann is Happy that Albie Casiño Goes Back to School

Andi Eigenmann said she is happy with the strides of her former boyfriend Albie Casiño.

After their controversial confrontation at a bar in Makati, Eigenmann considers as good news Albie’s going to school, despite opportunities in showbiz.

Eigenmann recounted that she has discussed with Casiño, his desire to continue his studies amid a thriving career as an actor.

In Andi’s case, she said, she couldn’t be happier with her current stage in life.

She would not want to have her life any other way because she’s happier now and there’s no reason for bitterness.

The young actress is grateful for the gift borne of their relationship, Adrianna Gabrielle.

Andi really wants to take care of her and love her and raise her really well.

She is also open to her baby Ellie and Casiño meeting in the future because he is the father.

Andi has no plan of raising Ellie with another man.

She said being in a relationship is not her priority at this time.