Iwa Moto Clarifies She’s Not the Real Reason for Jodi Sta. Maria & Pampi Lacson’s Break-up

Iwa Moto clarified that she was not the third party of the Jodi Sta. Maria and Pampi Lacson’s break-up.

Moto is now in a relationship with Sta. Maria’s former husband but she stressed out that she met Pampi Lacson two years ago, to confront him about the alleged affair between her boyfriend Mickey Ablan and Jodi.

The alleged affair of Jodi and Mickey happened when Jodi was still married with Pampi, two years ago.

She holds evidence of the affair, Moto added.

Moto even challenges Sta. Maria to file a libel case against her after the starlet revealed that Jodi had an affair with ex-boyfriend.