Bianca Gonzalez is Dragged Into a Feud

Bianca Gonzalez was shocked by a libel case filed by Amalia Fuentes.

Earlier, Fuentes had filed 11 counts of libel against Rama.

Gonzalez was dragged into the feud of Fuentes and Annabelle Rama when the TV host and columnist put Fuentes in a bad situation in her column in a newspaper.

Gonzalez said, she was shocked, recounting the hearing news of the complaint.

Her article was a Valentine’s Day piece, published on February 12 which detailed her interview with Rama and her husband actor Eddie Gutierrez.

Rama made candid stories and so the part about Fuentes was a direct quote and it was just in passing that Fuentes was mentioned in the story.

Fuentes complained that Gonzalez made no attempt to get her side of the story and she also told Gonzalez to take a seminar on writing.

Gonzalez takes Fuentes’ message to be well-meaning, as this can only help her become a better writer.

Gonzalez will talk to a lawyer, as this is her first time to face a potential court case.

But she is apologetic for having hurt Fuentes, and that she has the highest regard for the actress.