Melissa Ricks is Glad She Has Found New Love

Melissa Ricks is now in a new relationship, a year after her controversial break-up with Jake Cuenca.

Ricks is glad to have found a new love in the arms of Paul Jake Castillo, former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, whom she describes as caring and very understanding.

Ricks is now vocal with her relationship because before, it was Cuenca, who barred her from letting the world know about their romance.

Ricks believes her relationship now with Castillo is much better than what she had with Cuenca.

Ricks cited how Castillo makes her happy, including his being understanding.

She is also quite happy that her family approves of Castillo as her boyfriend.

Her parents didn’t have anything to do with the end of her almost two-year relationship with Cuenca.

Ricks confirmed that she already met Castillo’s family.
They were very kind and hospitable, the actress said.

Ricks said that Paul Jake is much better than Cuenca.

Meanwhile, Castillo also confirms his relationship with the actress and he does not want to hide it.

He’s happy that he makes Ricks happy too.