Gelli De Belen Will Replace Amy Perez in TV5’s ‘Face To Face’

Last week, Gelli de Belen had a meeting with TV5 executives.

De Belen will temporarily replace Amy Perez while the latter is on maternity leave.

Amy Perez will temporarily leave her show, ‘Face To Face’ because she is two months pregnant with her third child.

The confrontation, arguments and fighting of two parties on stage of the show, might be too much for Perez to bear because of her present condition.

Perez is hesitant to leave the show but she hopes that viewers will still continue to support them when De Belen will take over.

Meanwhile, the program is based on The Jerry Springer Show but it has a Filipino cultural perspective.

It attempts to resolve minor conflicts between two arguing parties in a ‘Barangay Hall’ setting.