Iwa Moto Reveals Jodi Sta Maria Allegedly Cheats on Pampi Lacson First With Her Boyfriend Mickey Ablan

Iwa Moto surprised some people when she made an announcement.

Moto revealed in an interview that Jodi Sta. Maria cheated on Pampi first, with her boyfriend Mickey Ablan two years ago.

Earlier, Moto was allegedly cited in previous reports as ‘homewrecker’ and was the reason why Jodi and husband Pampi Lacson separated.

Iwa denied the accusation because she and Pampi became an item just a month ago and Jodi and Pampi were already separated.

Two years ago, Iwa already confronted Jodi about the issue, after she discovered Jodi’s alleged affair with her boyfriend then, Mickey Ablan but Jodi denied it.

Pampi Lacson already knew the affair, long before Iwa called Pampi to tell him about it, Iwa added.

Iwa said she has an evidence, that Jodi’s indeed cheated on Pampi and it is the alleged reason why Jodi remained quiet all along despite the issue going at large.