Lucy Torres Does Not Mind If Richard is Kissing Other Women

Lucy Torres-Gomez never faulted his husband, Richard Gomez for being in a business that allows him to kiss other women.

Torres does not mind if Richard is kissing other women in showbiz.

There’s no reason for her to get jealous of Richard’s leading ladies like actress Dawn Zulueta, his co-star in ABS-CBN’s teleserye ‘Walang Hanggan.’

Gomez is just doing his work as an actor and when she met Richard, he was already in showbiz.

Torres is a fan of the Dawn-Richard love team and she has always admires the chemistry of the former sweethearts.

Meanwhile, Torres feels happy that Gomez is currently part of a ‘well-loved’ and ‘most-watched’ teleserye.

‘Walang Hanggan’ airs on weeknights after ‘Princess and I.’