Phillip Phillips’s New Single is Already #2 on the Hot Digital Songs Chart

For the first time in years, American Idol has a hit on its hands and it’s the first time an Idol winner’s coronation song has cracked the Top 10 since 2008.

Phillip Phillips, the newly-crowned winner’s first single ‘Home’ scored a huge debut this week.

Phillip’s ‘Home’ debuted number two, selling 278,000 downloads, just a week after winning the ‘American Idol.

Phillip’s sales also topped last season winner David Cook’s ‘The Time of Your Life,’ single which sold 236,000 downloads.

His sales aren’t just impressive when compared to those of past, largely unsuccessful winners and it’s the second-best digital sales week ever for an Idol contestant, behind only Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My Life Would Suck Without You.’

It looks like the Georgia-native may end up being an American Idol success story.