Coco Martin Reveals He has No Time For Romantic Relationship

Coco Martin fears of dating showbiz girls.

Besides, Martin has no time yet for a romantic relationship because he is very focused with work.

The actor said, it is hard to mix work and love because of his tight schedule.

He even hardly has time to see his own grandmother these days, so he thinks it’s unfair to commit to a girl and not be able to give her the time she deserves.

Coco prefers having a non-show biz girlfriend to dating a celebrity because he knows how demanding showbiz is and fears that things would just end up bad if he will date a colleague.

This was during the recent press launch of Star Cinema’s latest offering, ‘Born To Love You,’ Martin’s first romantic-comedy film with Angeline Quinto.

The actor is also seen regularly on the top-rating drama series ‘Walang Hanggan’ and currently working on the film, ‘Santa Niña, an official entry to the 2012 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival in July.