Lovi Poe is Flattered by Jake Cuenca’s Admiration

It looks like Jake Cuenca is really knocking on the door of Lovi Poe’s heart.

Poe and Cuenca co-starred in the 2011 sexy romance-drama ‘My Neighbor’s Wife.’

They graced the Star Magic Ball together, later that year and it surprised many people.

Jake often visits her on the set of the primetime series ‘Legacy,’ bringing food for her.

The actor has been showering Lovi with extra attention.

When asked if Jake is courting her, Lovi said that their friendship is maintained after their shooting of ‘My Neighbor’s Wife.’

Lovi is likewise flattered by Jake’s admiration for her. He’s very sweet, Lovi added.

But for now, she wants to take her time when it comes to relationships.