Soledad Shalani Has Not Spoken to Willie Revillame

Shalani Soledad is still elusive about her controversial departure from the show, ‘Wil Time Bigtime.’

Shalani did not directly answer questions about her disappointment when she was no longer allowed to return to the show.

The TV-host only said that there are sometimes unexpected things that happened in our life and are beyond our control.

But then, you also have to move on because that is how life goes, Shalani said.

Shalani rather looks at the positive side of things and try to accept changes in her life.

She always looks forward and always hopes for the best.

Some months ago, Shalani temporarily bid goodbye to Wil Time Bigtime’ because she and Roman Romulo prepared for their wedding.

She promised to return to the show after their honeymoon but rumors cropped up that she was already pulled out from the show because Willie Revilame could no longer tease her since she’s already married.

Shalani has not spoken to Willie and she has no plans of ironing out whatever supposed misunderstanding they have.

She only expresses her gratefulness to the show and to her colleagues.

Shalani will be part of an upcoming Sunday noontime show, ‘Game ‘N Go’ with industry veterans Joey de Leon and Edu Manzano, along with Arnell Ignacio and Gelli de Belen.