Is Sarah Geronimo’s Work Relationship with Gerald is Affected with Death Threat Issue?

Sarah Geronimo revealed that before, she had some hesitation in working with Gerald Anderson because of fan threats.

Some Kimeralds fans allegedly sent her hate mails and even calls her names.

But eventually, Geronimo is optimistic that everything will be smooth-sailing and things will turn out fine.

Some movie fans are really possessive of their idols and they take things personally that it even involves death threats, Sarah explained.

Some people are asking is Sarah’s work relationship with Gerald affected with the death threat issue?

Meanwhile, Sarah now has bodyguards to protect her whenever she goes.

“I lost in the first two. For this final sequel, I really want to bag the trophy because I believe I delivered a sterling performance. It will really annoy me if someone else wins,” she laugh.

Source: People’s Journal