Sharon Cuneta Denies Rumors that KC Concepcion is the Real Mother of Miel & Miguel

Sharon Cuneta denied that KC Concepcion is the real mom of Miel and Miguel.

Cuneta took up the issue during her show, ‘Sharon, Kasama Mo, Kapatid.’

She recalled the pain brought by her ‘bashers’ on Twitter.

She said, after thirty four years, her haters can not break her, her spirit and her happiness.

Bashers think that by bashing her on Twitter or in any other venue can discourage her.

They cannot stop her from inspiring her followers, Cuneta said.

Sharon said, she joined Twitter believing that it would help her since she had been through a lot of changes from her personal life to her career

What hurt her most as a mother was the allegation that her eldest daughter is an abortionist.