Angelica Panganiban is Scouting for a New Home

Angelica Panganiban is allegedly scouting for a new home, right after Derek Ramsay declared that they are on a ‘cool off stage.’

Panganiban wants to move out of the house south of Manila, that she’s reportedly sharing with Ramsay.

The actress is scouting for a house somewhere in Quezon City, to be nearer to her work.

Angelica already had a house built before but she gave it to her surrogate mom as a gift.

The actor confirms that he and Angel are going through a rough patch in their relationship but they are working it out.

There were some speculations for their breakup.

The couple’s break-up is caused by John Lloyd Cruz, with whom the actress had supposedly gotten close during an out of the country shoot for a movie.

On the other hand, Derek is being romantically linked with Sam Pinto.

But Derek said, he does not even know Sam. He had only worked with her.