Camille Villar has Learned to Love ‘Wil Time Bigtime’

Camille Villar agreed to be Willie Revillame’s co-host on TV5’s Wil Time Bigtime.

At first, Villar is the replacement for Shalani Soledad, who got married to Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo.

It was not so much for herself but to please her parents and besides Sen. Manny Villa is a good friend of Willie.

However, through time, Camille has learned to love the show.

She admits that it has been such a wonderful and unique experience, in the few months that she has been part of ‘Wil Time Bigtime.’

She feels like she has gained a new family in the people who participate in the show and hear their stories.

All of them inspire her and she wants to do everything to help as many people as she can.