Rufa Mae Quinto will be a Permanent Co-host of Willie Revillame on Wil Time Bigtime

Starting on Monday May 14, Willie Revillame has a new co-host.

Rufa Mae Quinto will be a permanent co-host of Revillame on the TV5 early-evening gameshow, ‘Wil Time Bigtime.’

Willie said Rufa Mae is perfect for the show and with her unique wit and humor, she will blend beautifully with the reserved charm of Camille Villar and the sweet-sexy style of Mariel Rodriguez.

Rufa Mae’s contract with GMA had expired and was not renewed, Rufa Mae resigned as co-host of the network’s Sunday show, ‘Showbiz Central’ and guested as co-host of Wil Time.

Meanwhile, Willie and his 48 dancers are scheduled to leave for the TV5 promo-launch shows in Los Angeles on May 26 and in San Francisco on June 2.