Sarah Geronimo Insists She & Gerald Anderson are Not Yet a Couple

Sarah Geronimo still continues to test Gerald Anderson’s intentions.

Geronimo believes Anderson’s consistency and persistence will reveal if his intentions are true or not.

The 23-year-old singer admits that though she is fond of Gerald, he is still undergoing tests ‘in order to prove himself to her.

Geronimo’s eyes twinkle every time they talk about Anderson but she insists that they are not yet a couple.

Sarah admits that she is in no hurry to fall in love and she will rather enjoy whatever relationship she has with Gerald.

She is also careful not to fall for him for his good looks alone.

But as of now, they’re more than friends.

Meanwhile, Gerald visits her at home and he is brave enough to be around her parents and make time for her even if they are not doing any project together.

Sarah is currently busy with her show, ‘Sarah G Live’ and she is preparing for her concert at the Big Dome on July 7, 2012.

The concert will be directed by Paul Basinillo with musical direction by Louie Ocampo.