Albie Casiño’s Mom Says Andi Eigenmann is Beaten Up by Her Mom Jaclyn Jose

Rina Casiño, the mother of Albie Casiño claimed that Andi Eigenmann was beaten up by her mother Jaclyn Jose.

Rina revealed now that Eigenmann had once asked her for help after she was allegedly hit by her mom.

She did not make any revelations about Andi’s situation then, because she was protecting the actress from the harm it might do to her.

In an interview with ‘TV Patrol, ‘Mrs. Casiño now feels she has no recourse but to reveal a secret she and Andi share.

It was already too much and they had enough. She asked Andi to tell the truth.

All these, stemmed from the recent brawl in a Makati bar where Rina’s son, Albie had been beaten up.

It was then followed by interviews with Andi’s mom, Jaclyn Jose, and Andi’s tell-all interview on ‘The Buzz’ on Sunday.

Andi alleged that Albie beat her up during their relationship.