Ramon Tulfo Only Wants to Document the ‘Incident’ Involving Claudine Barretto & Airport Staff

Ramon Tulfo got into a fist fight with actor Raymart Santiago on Sunday afternoon at the arrival area of NAIA Terminal 3.

Tulfo just arrived from Davao while Santiago, Claudine Barreto and friends also arrived from a week-end vacation from Boracay on board a Cebu Pacific flight.

Tulfo saw a familiar face at the arrival area reprimanding a flight attendant and later recognized that it was Claudine Barretto, scolding the airport staff.

He decided to take a photo of Barretto through his camera.

Tulfo only wanted to record the incident involving Barretto and airport staff, when he heard the actress, already cursing the ground crew.

But he was caught off guard after Santiago approached him and was forcefully trying to grab his cellphone.

Suddenly, several people already approached him and punches landed on his face, so he decided to fight back.

It took a while before airport authorities responded to stop the brawl.