Kim Chiu Joins Showbiz to Give her Family Good Life

Kim Chiu was almost teary-eyed when she talked about how much she values her family on ‘The Buzz’.

Chiu said she never really questioned why her parents were not there for her and her siblings and why they grew up with their grand mother.

Chiu said, growing up without her parents somehow affected her in a good way because she dreamed of joining show business, to give her family a good life.

She still hopes to have more projects and blessings that may come her way.

The actress is currently working on Star Cinema’s ‘The healing,’ with acclaimed actress Vilma Santos and doing a movie with love team partner Xian Lim.

Chiu admits that Santos is her idol and she really looks up to her.

She will also have an upcoming project with ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson in a movie for Star Magic’s 20th anniversary.