Ruffa Gutierrez Turns Emotional while Addressing Allegations of ‘Baby-Selling’ Controversy

Ruffa Gutierrez tearfully addressed malicious allegations that her mother, Annabelle Rama allegedly sold her daughter Lorin’s twin some years ago.

This was during the press conference for her upcoming movie, ‘The Mommy Returns’ on April 16.

Ruffa did not mention any names but some members of the media speculated that she was referring to Amalia Fuentes, with whom his mother Annabelle had an argument.

She got sad and emotional because how can a human being invent such things, Ruffa said.

The TV host posted her tweets on Saturday morning about an old, fat, smelly woman who won’t stop inventing false stories about her and family.

The beauty queen-TV host thinks that Amalia’s anger might have something to do with Annabelle’s feud with Nadia Montenegro.

Ruffa also took the opportunity to defend her father, Eddie Gutierrez because he was also being dragged into the Annabelle-Amalia feud.

She said that Eddie is the best dad that anyone can ever has.