Janelle Manahan Visits Ramgen Bautista’s House During an Ocular Inspection

Janelle Manahan visited Ramgen Bautista’s house during an ocular inspection.

The judge stopped the inspection due to a technicality but Manahan insisted to revisit Ramgen’s room on the second floor of the well-kept house where the shooting occurred.

Manahan’s tears flowed, as a large flat-screen TV played a video showing her boyfriend greeting his brother, Ram Joshua, for being accepted at the Philippine Military Academy.

Their was an office chair where Manahan was seated when she was shot.

The bed sheets seemed neatly arranged and the windows near the top of the bed were opened and the occasional breeze were ruffling the curtains.

All the traces of blood throughout the house had been cleaned up but Ramgen’s 14-year-old brother said that the victim’s room was left untouched.

After the shooting incident, the Bautista’s left their home and moved to a place in Imus, Cavite.

The ocular inspection is a proceeding which is part and parcel of the trial.