Slater Young Loves to Try His Hand in Showbiz

Slater Young shares his post-show plan after winning as the very first male winner in a regular Pinoy Big Brother edition.

Young wants to try his hand in showbiz.

His father said that Slater had been receiving modeling offers during his college days but he stopped it because they want him to have a college degree first.

Slater wants to work in a project, opposite co-housemates Divine Smith and Tin Patrimonio and actresses KC Concepcion and Kim Chiu.

He admits that he cannot sing and dance but he thinks he has something different to offer to the industry, he has the brains.

The other PBB Big Four winners are Pamu Pamorada, Joseph Biggel and Paco Evangelista who got second and third and fourth place respectively.

His co-housemate Divine Smith is currently in a relationship but she is Slater’s crush inside the PBB house.