Slater Young is the Pinoy Big Brother Big Winner

Reality show Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited revealed its grand winner on March 31.

The Big Four are Pamu Pamorada, Paco Evangelista, Joseph Biggel, and Slater Young.

Paco Evangelista gets the 4th big placer and gets the lowest percentage of votes at 17 percent. Evangelista receives 300,000 pesos plus appliances.

Joseph Biggel is the 3rd big placer at 29% of votes. Biggel received 500,000 pesos plus appliances.

Pamu Pamorada is the 2nd big winner and receives 1 million pesos and appliances at 21.49% of votes.

Slater Young is the grand big winner. He gets the highest percentage of votes at 40.20% and receives 2 million pesos and appliances.