PBA Player Eugene Tejada is Now Back on His Feet & Able to Walk Again

After dislocating his spine during a game against Red Bull five years ago, Eugene Tejada is now back on his feet.

Tejada said, with years of therapy and intense prayer, he is now able to walk again.

In an interview, the former Purefoods player recalled that he was falling and Mick Pennise fell on top of him.

It left him paralyzed from the neck down and he lost his hands and everything.

When he realized the extent of his injury, depression came and he thought of taking his own life.

Before the incident Tejada admits, he believes there is God and now he is not also overly religious.

He now also realizes that there’s so much more in life than basketball.

At first it is really hard to take, but once you accept the fact, it will push you on to do so much more, he said.

Over the years, he learned to forgive his ex-girlfriend Jeni Hernandez, a TV actress and even Pennisi.

He’s starting to write a book to inspire people in this world and he feels that his life is just the beginning.