Lovi Poe Says ‘Legacy’ is a Big Blessing

Lovi Poe considers ‘Legacy’ a big blessing for her.

The show has a positive feedback to her role as Natasha.

Poe really loves ‘Legacy’ for giving her the chance to work with Ms. Cherie Gil.

She said that Gil turned out to be so sweet and so supportive in their scenes together.

Poe also became very close with Alex de Rossi and Heart Evangelista. They work so well on the set.

Meanwhile, Poe continues to be linked with Ronald Singson as they’re still seen together.

She said it can’t be helped as they have the same circle of friends so we get to see each other, but it doesn’t mean that they are together again.

She does not want any distractions from her career, now that it’s going on so well.

Poe has a coming movie with Regal, tentatively titled ‘Bride and Lover’ where she might have a lesbian scene with Jennylyn Mercado, in their roles as best friends who later become rivals.