Judy Ann Santos Takes Action to Protect Sharon Cuneta’s Twitter Outburst

Judy Ann Santos took action to protect Sharon Cuneta on her outburst over Twitter issue of her daughter KC Concepcion.

Cuneta tweeted to defend her daughter from people she thought could be fans of KC’s former boyfriend Piolo Pascual.

Santos said Sharon’s outburst is merely to protect her daughter and as a mother herself, she felt Cuneta’s emotions and why she flared up.

Santos then, requested fans to give Piolo Pascual and KC space.

The actor’s fans should be cautious not to destroy the image of the very person they’re trying to protect and instead they should give the two parties time to move on and be happy.

The actress is also a mother to Yohan and Lucho and she would also be hurt if her children were put in a similar situation.