Robin Padilla Says Things are not Well Between Him & Rustom Padilla

Robin Padilla revealed that he is shocked with his brother, Rustom Padilla.

Padilla admitted that things are not well between him and his brother Rustom Padilla, who is now known as BB Gandanghari.

The actor announced this during a press conference for his endorsement of remittance company on Wednesday.

Earlier, Mariel Rodriguez, his wife wanted to have a reunion with Robin’s brother because Gandanghari, who has been in New York, is currently in the country.

Gandanghari was rumored to have undergone a sex change operation but he did not discuss the issue during the interview.

Rustom said that whatever people are seeing now, is a manifestation of how he really feels deep inside.

He has made decisions in his life and they’re the best decisions he has made.

It made him surer, happier and more peaceful.

Rustom had first admitted that he was gay when he entered the first ‘Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition.’

Some years later, Rustom said he is now BB Gandanghari.