Whitney Houston Chases a Dream & Looking for Love Before Her Death

Whitney Houston was looking for love in all the wrong places in the days ahead of her death.

This was announced by Houston’s manager and sister-in-law in the talk show of Oprah Winfrey.

Houston also recalled the late singer’s changing lifestyle in the weeks running up to her death.

The singer was found dead underwater in a bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel last February 11, the eve of this year’s Grammy awards.

Whitney was 48 and the cause of her death is still not known.

Houston had a long history of alcohol and drug addiction. She entered rehab as recently as May 2011 to aid her recovery process. Her manager told Winfrey that

The possibility of Houston’s addictions leading to her death was very real because she had a long history of alcohol and drug addiction and to aid her recovery process, she entered the rehab.