Manny Pacquiao Encourages Chavit Singson to Study the Bible

Manny Pacquiao was happy to see his friend, Luis Chavit Singson, reading the Bible.

Singson, the controversial politician from Ilocos has rediscovered the Holy Book.

He himself confirmed that his friend Manny Pacquiao, encouraged him to read the Bible everyday.

Singson said he has already attended several Bible studies with Pacquiao.

The Ilocos Sur Governor has always part of the boxer’s entourage even during fights abroad.

Meanwhile, Singson was involved in a controversy after a picture of him surrounded by a bevy of sexy models made it to cyberspace.

The photo was taken during a photo shoot for a liquor brand and he was paid P2 million.

He plans to use the money for philanthropy.

Pacquiao has turned his back on his vices including gambling and drinking after having rediscovered the Holy Book.