Garrie Concepcion Recalls Last Moment with Stepfather Iggy Arroyo

Garrie Concepcion emotionally remembered her happy moments with his stepfather ‘Iggy’ Arroyo, when they were still in London.

Concepcion is the daughter of Iggy’s partner Grace Ibuna by actor Gabby Concepcion.

Concepcion recalled how it was to have a stepfather like Arroyo in
an interview with ‘The Buzz’ on Sunday where she was not able to stop her tears.

She related how it was to have a stepfather like Arroyo. The actress was very blessed to have two fathers, her Papa Gabby and her ‘Dada’ Iggy.

Concepcion said when Iggy died, it was painful for them and to see her mom hurt so bad because they really had a complete and happy family with him.

Concepcion spent her Christmas and New Year with her family in London last year.

On the other hand, Concepcion took a swipe at people accusing her mom of being just after Arroyo’s money.

Concepcion said she also gets hurt when people tag her mom as the ‘other woman.’

Iggy and her mom really loved each other sincerely and she witnessed everything from day one.

Iggie passed away last January 26 after suffering from a cardiac arrest.