Ai-ai de las Alas Decides to Keep Mum on Latest Love Life

Ai-Ai delas Alas keeps mum on latest happenings in her love life but admits she’s dating a younger man.

This was during an interview on the launching of the newest Kapamilya fantasy series entitled ‘Wako Wako.’

Her newest suitor is a businessman and he is not used to rumors and intrigues of showbizness.

Right now the two are still in the getting to know stage, but Ai-Ai revealed that her children are in favor of her going out with the guy.

The comedy actress prays that this time her success in her showbiz career would also mean a successful personal or romantic life.

De las Alas is not afraid of dating younger men, although it sometimes lead to unsuccessful partnership.

But the actress said any relationship takes great effort, loyalty and trust for it to work.

The cast of ‘Wako Wako’ promised to entertain everyone starting Monday, March 5, after TV Patrol.