Zsa Zsa Padilla Finally Reveals Dolphy’s Health Condition

During the press conference of the upcoming finale of ‘Budoy,’ Zsa Zsa Padilla talked about the health condition of her long-time partner Dolphy Quizon.

Padilla revealed that Dolpy is now out of the hospital and he’s in good spirit.

When asked about rumors that Dolphy has been in and out of the hospital, Zsa Zsa explain that they really cannot avoid it because Dolphy is already 83 years old and he’s not really ‘in the pink of health.’

Some people know that the past years have been very difficult for their family but she begs off from discussing further about Dolphy’s illness.

The King of Comedy has a big family, the actress is not in the position to talk everything about it and she only says that she takes good care of Dolphy.

Dolphy and Padilla have two children, Nicole and Zia.

Padilla is currently part of ABS-CBN’s hit series, ‘Budoy,’ with Gerald Anderson as the lead star.