Grace Ibuna Receives Iggy Arroyo’s Estate’s Income

On March 27, 2009 Iggy Arroyo made a Declaration of Trust hours before he had his last will and testament.

According to the said document, Arroyo’s all income of the estate will go to his partner Mary Grace Ibuna.

The ‘will’ shows that Arroyo placed all his assets in a ‘living trust’ and appointed his eldest daughter Bernardina Arroyo Tantoco as trustee, executor of his estate, and attorney-in-fact.

In the ‘Declaration of Trust,’ Arroyo left instructions to her daughter Tantoco that she distributes income only to Ibuna to be paid in quarterly or more frequent payments.

Iggy’s children will get share after Ibuna dies. The document states further that the balance of the trust shall be distributed to each of his children in equal, one-third portions only after Ibuna’s death.

Tantoco will have the control of the whole estate Iggy left, but her powers are limited by her designation as trustee, executor and attorney-in-fact.

Iggy had three daughters: Tantoco and her sister Bianca Marie are his daughters by his first wife, Marlene Jacinto and a daughter by his estranged wife Alicia Rita Morales.

Arroyo’s first marriage with Jacinto was annulled while the second marriage with Morales had already gone through an annulment proceedings.

All these documents were presented by Ibuna to the court in London, where she fought for and got authority to bring home Iggy’s body to the country.