Oyo Sotto’s Reaction to Niña-Vic Issue is Much Lenient

Niña Jose earlier admitted that at some point, Vic Sotto became very close to her and she felt a connection with Vic while they were doing a project together.

But Sotto and Jose never ended being a couple.

Oyo, on the other hand, explained that when he heard of this story, it did not bother him because he knows Niña off-screen.

The action star’s reaction to Niña-Vic issue was much lenient compared to Vic-Pauleen Luna.

Oyo did not give any more comment about Pauleen, and shared he haven’t talked to his dad on this particular issue.

Oyo hopes his father and mother, actress Dina Bonnevie, would soon find their partner who will stick with them through thick or thin.

But it’s much better if both their parents will still spend their old age together.