The Uk Court Rules in Favor of Grace Ibuna the Right to Repatriate & Dispose the Body

The Uk Court handed down the decision and granted Grace Ibuna the right to repatriate and dispose the body of Representative Iggy Arroyo and his second daughter Bernardina Arroyo-Tantoco.

The Court granted both Grace and Bernardina a joint letter of administration allowing them to bring the body home in accordance with Iggy’s wishes.

Earlier, Alicia Morales, the estranged wife of Iggy Arroyo went to London with a lawyer, to allegedly claim the remains of the late lawmaker.

But Ibuna, Iggy’s live-in partner stopped it via the High Court’s 7-day, emergency injunction to prevent Arroyo’s body being removed from the funeral parlor JH Kenyon.

His daughter also testified that her father named her and Grace Ibuna in the late congressman’s medical directive, allowing her or Ibuna to decide on his behalf should he fail to decide for himself, particularly related to his health and the disposition of his body.

The defendant, Aleli was not named in any of the following binding evidence presented by Ibuna and the Arroyo sisters: declaration of trust, special power of attorney, health care directive and last will of Iggy Arrroyo.